Ezra Zask Advisors leverages our more than 25 years of hedge fund and asset management industry experience to provide customized solutions and in-depth analysis for investors   PortfolioBuilderGraphic7-7We have extensive experience in providing in-depth analysis and customized solutions in investment management and risk management. We have managed fund of funds and advised institutional and HNW individuals on the following issues: Manager Selection and Due Diligence
  • Manager Selection is crucial for hedge funds and liquid alternative investments which exhibit far more dispersion in realized risk-return, correlations and factor exposures.
  • Extensive experience in conducting operational due diligence for hedge funds.
Portfolio Construction and Asset Allocation including hedge funds, traditional assets and liquid alternative investments
  • Customized portfolio solutions to construct sub-portfolios of alternative assets and integrate these assets into investor portfolios
Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of the drivers of fund and portfolio performance using factor and correlation analysis
  • Portfolio analytics help to decompose realized returns and delineate between value adding and value detracting manager/asset allocations
Risk management using factor analysis, stress and scenario analysis and value-at-risk measures
  • Comprehensive risk management assessment driven by rigorous analytics
Analysis of hedge fund strategies in light of macro-economic and sector forecasts
  • Extensive experience in evaluating hedge fund trading strategies such as equity long short, global macro discretionary, corporate event driven and managed futures.
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Ezra Zask has authored numerous journal articles and professional whitepapers on a range of topics, from hedge fund valuation to currency risk management.