HF Professionals

We have experience with every aspect of the hedge fund business. Ezra Zask, the founder, has founded and managed a successful global macro CTA and an SEC-registered 40-Act Fund. He has provided hedge funds and investors with the advice and insight they need, including strategy and risk management reviews, investment banking, product development and raising new funds.

Consulting and Advisory Engagements

  • Valuation of several hedge funds and funds of funds in partnership disputes and potential M&A transactions
  • Extensive due diligence of dozens of hedge funds in a wide variety of strategies
  • Advising S&P and Dow Jones on the development of their hedge fund index programs
  • Consulted with a number of institutions and individuals on hedge fund manager selection, due diligence, portfolio construction and risk management.
  • Consulted in a number of Ponzi scheme cases including Madoff and Petters involving due diligence of hedge funds and funds of funds, including Greenwich Fairfield.
  • Conducted an extensive review of Lehman Brothers’ risk management prior to its collapse, with access to all of Lehman’s quantitative and qualitative records and data, including board meeting notes.
  • Analyzed the portfolio and risk management strategies of Cioffi, Tannin and Bear Sterns leading up to the collapse of the Credit Opportunities Fund.
  • Analyzed the repo relationship between Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan prior to Lehman’s collapse and the seizure of $6 billion in assets by JP Morgan, including a valuation of the repo portfolio.
  • Valuation and compliance procedures involving a number of large portfolios of mortgage-related securities in a number of banks and hedge funds including RMBS, SIVS, CDOs and Credit Default Swaps.
  • Consulted in hedge fund policies and procedures involving fiduciary responsibility to investors, lock-ups, due diligence and risk management
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