Liquid Alternative Investments Company, LLC Launches Liquid Alternative Investments Group of Indexes (LAIGI)

New York— Liquid Alternative Investments Group of Indexes (LAIGI) Liquid Alternative Investments Company, LLC launches the Liquid Alternative Investments Group of Indexes (LAIGI), enabling investors to evaluate funds and portfolios against a comprehensive benchmark of this rapidly growing group of funds. The data shows that Real Assets (Real Estate, Commodities and Infrastructure funds) is the top performing Alternative Satellite with a year-to-date return of 9.5%, while Hedge Fund Strategies and Alternative Beta returned 2.2% and -1.6% respectively.

LAIGI is a New Tool for Investors

Liquid Alternative Funds, also known as 40-Act funds, are registered funds that invest in asset classes or utilize strategies that differ from traditional stocks and bonds, including Hedge Fund Strategies, Enhanced Yield, Real Assets and Alternative Beta. Many investors have not had access to these strategies because of high minimum investment requirements, a lack of transparency, high fees and lock-ups that normally run for months. Liquid Alternatives appeal to a broad group of individual and institutional investors because of their typical low minimum investment, daily or short-term redemption and lower fees and greater transparency than hedge funds. LAIGI AGGREGATE* INDICES
June YTD 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year
LAIGI Hedge Fund Strategy Index 0.8% 2.2% 7.4% 2.7% 6.3% 3.4%
Corporate Event Driven 1.5% 2.6% 11.1% 4.2% 6.5% 3.8%
Equity Hedged 0.9% 3.1% 12.0% 5.7% 9.2% 3.9%
Equity Long Short 1.0% 3.2% 12.9% 6.4% 10.0% 4.3%
Directional Trading 0.3% 0.3% 0.7% -2.4% 1.7% -
Global Macro Discretionary -0.5% -0.5% 1.6% 2.1% - -
Fixed Income Index 0.4% 3.2% 4.4% 2.8% 6.5% -
Alternatives Multi-Strategy 0.6% 1.7% 6.1% 2.0% 6.6% -
LAIGI Enhanced Yield Index 0.7% 4.7% 7.0% 3.8% 10.6% 5.8%
Emerging Markets Debt 0.7% 6.2% 6.3% 3.0% 9.6% 7.3%
LAIGI Real Assets Index 1.6% 9.5% 10.3% 1.9% 10.7% 5.5%
LAIGI Alternative Beta Index -0.5% -1.6% -1.5% -3.6% 1.7% -
HFRI Composite Index 1.3% 1.9% 6.1% 3.2% 6.3% 5.5%

Liquid Alternative Investments Group of Indexes (LAIGI) Features

Liquid Alternative Investments Group of Indexes (LAIGI) provides performance and fund information on four major Alternative Investment Satellites: Hedge Fund Strategies, Real Assets, Enhanced Yield and Alternative Beta. Each of these Satellites groups funds into Strategies and Sub-Strategies such as Global Macro, Long-Short Equity, Commodities, Real Estate and Fixed Income.

About Liquid Alternative Investments Company, LLC

Founded in 2013, Liquid Alternative Investments Company, LLC provide data, analytics, information and education services on liquid alternative investments. In addition to the LAIGI, the Company provides Premium Users with Fund Screener and Portfolio Builder software programs which allow them to screen and select managers and construct and test portfolios. LAIC also provides information, commentary and analysis of funds, strategies and industry trends, as well as educational and consulting services to various groups in the liquid alternative investments industry, including investors, investment advisers and consultants, and ETF and Mutual Fund producers and platforms.

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