SFC Announces New Research on the Valuation of Hedge Fund Companies

SFC, a leader in analysis of complex financial instruments and structures has released a new White Paper on the valuation of hedge fund companies. “A Methodology for Hedge Fund Valuation,” by SFC President Ezra Zask, author of All About Hedge Funds (Second Edition), highlights the complex science behind SFC’s fast-growing practice providing hedge fund management company valuation services.

The paper updates and expands Zask’s seminal paper “Hedge Funds: A Methodology for Hedge Fund Valuation” published in the Journal of Alternative Investments in the Winter Issue of 2000. The revised paper includes the insights of valuation expert Dr. Donald May on strategies for avoiding partnership disputes by defining clearly defining both the terms of management partnership, and determining possible terminal valuations of the partnership in advance.

The updated methodology was authored by Ezra Zask , Amanuel Alemu, and Philip Deely.

Read the White Paper at www.sfcassociates.com/research

For more information about SFC’s hedge fund company valuation services, please contact info@sfcassociates.com