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Hedge Fund Consulting and Information

Drawing on 25 years hands-on experience in the industry, we provide advisory services for investors and for industry professionals. Our Liquid Alternative product suite helps investment advisors to position themselves in a rapidly expanding field. Our consulting services offer clients customized solutions in the areas of manager selection, portfolio construction and risk management. Our services for hedge funds include strategy research, product planning, business development and risk management.

Customized Solutions for Investors

modelGraphic7-7We have extensive experience in providing in-depth analysis and customized solutions in investment management and risk management. We have managed fund of funds and advised institutional and HNW individuals on the following issues:

  • Manager Selection and Due Diligence
  • Portfolio Construction and Asset Allocation including hedge funds, traditional assets and liquid alternative investments
  • Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of the drivers of fund and portfolio performance using factor and correlation analysis
  • Risk management using factor analysis, stress and scenario analysis and value-at-risk measures
  • Analysis of hedge fund strategies in light of macro-economic and sector forecasts

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Consulting for Hedge Fund Professionals


Our experience with hedge funds goes back to the early 1990s and includes founding and managing hedge funds. Our consulting and litigation support has included some of the landmark issues of the past decade including the Lehman Bros. risk management failure, Bear Stearns hedge fund collapse, Madoff due diligence, FX and mortgage derivatives and policies and procedures

Compliance, Policies and Procedures, Due Diligence

  • Review of Compliance Adequacy
  • Firm-Wide Best Practices, Investment Guidelines, and Risk Management Framework

Risk Management

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

Strategy Research

  • Individual Position and Portfolio Analysis for Global Macro, Structured Products, etc.

Business Development

  • Marketing Support
  • Product and Investor Strategy

Strategy Planning

  • Firm Valuation
  • Product and Competitive Analysis
  • Emerging Managers

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About Ezra Zask

Ezra Zask has been actively managing, consulting, teaching, advising, writing and speaking on hedge fund and investment management issues for over 30 years.

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