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About Ezra Zask

About Ezra ZaskEzra Zask has been actively managing, consulting, teaching, advising, writing and speaking on hedge fund and investment management issues for over 30 years.

A graduate of Princeton and Columbia universities, he has founded a successful hedge fund focused on currency and interest rate arbitrage; advised and raised assets for hedge funds and fund of funds; conducted hedge fund manager searches and due diligence; managed fund of funds and investment portfolios; and managed large scale trading operations and strategic positions for major banks.

Mr. Zask has taught at some of the nation’s most prestigious educational institutions. He has taught graduate-level finance classes at Yale, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon and Fordham universities and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Mr. Zask has published widely and spoken at numerous industry conferences. He is the author of “All About Hedge Funds, 2nd Edition,” “Global Investment Risk Management,” and “The E-Finance Report.”

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