Hedge Fund & Alternative Investment Consulting for Investors and Industry Pros

Customized Solutions for Institutional and HighNet Worth Investors


  • Manager Selection and Due Diligence
  • Portfolio Construction and Asset Allocation including hedge funds, traditional assets and liquid alternative investments
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of fund and portfolio performance
  • Risk Management using factor analysis, stress and scenario analysis and value-at-risk measures
  • Analysis of Hedge Fund Strategies in light of macro-economic and sector forecasts

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Consulting for Hedge Fund Professionals


  • Compliance, Policies and Procedures, Due Diligence
  • Risk Management
  • Strategy Research
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning and Firm Valuation

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About Ezra Zask

Ezra Zask has been actively managing, consulting, teaching, advising, writing and speaking on hedge fund and investment management issues for over 30 years.

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